"I firmly believe that looking great should be simple, convenient, healthy and ethical, which is the fundamental on which I created O’wow."

Hey O’wow babes!

My name is Georgiana Grudinschi, the founder of O’wow. I firmly believe that looking great should be simple, convenient, healthy and ethical, which is the fundamental on which I created O’wow.

The whole journey on developing the perfect smoothing treatment that could be easy and safe to use at home started around two years ago when I was getting my hair keratin treated regularly at my hairdresser. I was addicted to how my hair looked and felt after the treatment and on top of that it meant I wouldn’t have to style my hair for at least 3 months. For a self-indulgent person like me this was a game-changer. I didn’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning to have enough time to style my hair and I was saving my hair from burning.

Yet, regardless of how great my hair looked after the hairdresser treatment it also left me frustrated on the time and insane amount of money spend. It made me think that there must be an easier way to achieve the same great-looking hair.

While investigating alternative options I discovered that those regular keratin treatments done at the salon were not only sacrificing my time and money but also my health. I came to learn that most salons use keratin treatments that include a heavy amount of formaldehyde which is classified as human carcinogen which explained why my eyes were burning and tearing every time I had the keratin treatment done.

I was very motivated to develop a product that would deliver a shiny, smooth after-hairdresser look in an accessible at-home format that would give long-lasting results and no nasty side-effects.

I went through a long period of researching and testing to create the product I was looking for, the O’wow smoothing treatment home kit, which secret lies in its natural Brazilian Botanical Bioactives and not on any nasty bits. The O’wow smoothing treatment does exactly what I was dreaming of when I started the developing journey; it repairs and moistures deeply the hair cuticles resulting in an insanely smooth and shiny hair which will last for up to three months.

The mission is to fight against unhealthy chemicals often included in salon products by providing a healthy and affordable alternative which will deliver the same results without compromising the health, and in the comfort of ones own home.

Even though the idea for this product was born simply out of a personal need, as soon as I found the magical formulation I wanted to make sure that the treatment will reach as many like-minded women.

I hope you will enjoy O’wow as much as I do!

Georgiana Grudinschi – Founder of O’wow